12 days

Max and Tine visited me in the beginning of 2012. We started our tour directly in Farraya. It was ice cold, but sun bursted through the clouds. We walked the whole day in and around Farraya and stayed in the Interconti hotel for a shisha and coffee.

Next day we went to the market. Max wanted to see colored chick.

It’s a shame, how animals are being treated by mankind.

We can be actually really proud of ourselves.

Poor fellas. I wish I could free them.

I was actually not in the mood to take any more photos. We had a coffee at Sassine square and drove to Baalbek for the ruins.

Light was perfect, but somehow I wasn’t in the mood for architecture shots.

Closeup from 2000 year old handcraft.

The temple.

I just can repeat myself. It totally remembers me at “Tomb Raider”. It’s such a beautiful architecture. Amazing, that this was build thousands of years ago.

Look at the details.


En vogue, I’d say.

Dude, what the hell did you capture there ?

Dinner somewhere in Beirut.

Love that t-shirt.

At night, we had a walk in the suqs.

They were capturing, like tourists !

The whole place reminded me of “Blade runner”. Harsh shadows and contrasts and a total antonym atmosphere.

We walked past the church and took more photographs.

Bokeh !

The place to stay downtown. Nice locations.


Another day, another tour. We walked to Nar el kalb. The dog river. Some steles are being left there from napoleon and some Assyrian kings. But the whole place is being build into concrete.

At least there was some green place to see.

The first stele. Each army, that passed the river, made a stele into the rock.

You can have a nice little walk around here.

If you don’t mind the noise and concrete.


Who is going into a hotel directly next to a highway? No beach, no trees… just noice and traffic jam.

The bridge was build in 1800 something.

Time for gambling.

Lebanon has almost the same landscape like Tunisia. It’s just far more urban.

What’s written here ?

We walked past the historical site and bought some fruits at the local fruit dealer.

I still don’t understand how business works here. Except the suqs, there are now big shoping streets, as we know it from Europe. All the little shops are spread all over the city and it’s by-roads. How will people know, that certain shops exist? I don’t know. I asked this myself, while we found a tree school in the valley.

Dozens of perfectly grown trees and palms.

I have to get some for my balcony.

We spent Tine’s last day at the beach of Byblos. The whole place consisted of pebble stone.

The shoes from Jonas. Nice contrast to the “beach”.