2015 – a reflection

Dear friend,

2015 has almost come to an end.

It’s time to think of all the achievements, good and bad things that have happened and also it’s also now a time to relax and let go.

2015 has been a terribly busy year for me. I moved from Lebanon to the beautiful Greece, I started to work again on my photography and I’ve settled down in my new home here in Chalandri.

Despite the fact that I’ve hit a terrible roadblock in photography this year, I can truly say that I’m deeper involved into photography than I ever was. I go myself some new cameras to experiment with – a beautiful Leica M6 and a Hasselblad 503CM. I also took lessons on how to learn to develop black and white film at a berlin based photographer – which was a blast. And last but not least I started to build my own studio at home in Athens with all the tools and toys – pictures and behind the scenes stuff will definately come up soon.

Now I’ve almost spend my whole holidays here in Berlin and I will return to Athens in the beginning of 2016.

It was a blast and I had a beautiful time with with my family, friends and loved ones. Wish you all the best.