2016 – a reflection

Dear friend,

a turbulent year has come to an end. Time for a reflection about what happend, how I spent my time throughout the year and what I have achieved during this period of work, traveling, holidays and new adventures.

While I was lacking a strict (self) organisation during the last years, 2016 started in a different way for me. I strictly worked with an oldschool schedule and notebook, worked with the S.M.A.R.T. system and started to get my work done with to-do-lists – day by day.

Photography wise 2016 has been a definate game changer. I mentioned it from time to time in my blog entries and I mention it again – I was never too self confident with my photography, yet I got deeper into photography than ever before.

I managed it to scan all of my medium format negatives, with my Braun FS 120 Scanner within the last weeks of november.

Not only my analogue and digital database grew, but I even worked on my workflow to achieve better printing results than ever. I got to meet a very professional crew at www.photolab.gr and printed more than ever before. My office is almost covered – inspired by some mood boards from “Life is strange” – with photographs of mine.

I even got the chance to sell a few prints of my own.

The old blogdesign got a refreshing update and looks more dynamic and colourful than the old design.

While I improved my workflow to get more work done, I gifted myself with a Leica M6 and a Contax T2. Both cameras are an absolute dream to use and they made me enjoy the street and portrait photography a lot more than with my bulky DSLR.

Because of the growth of my analogue camera gear, I almost worked entirely in film this year. Films that I’ve used have been so far: Agfa Portrait 160, Rollei Retro 400, Ilford Delta 400 and 3200.

2016 was also the first year for me, where I had some of my photographs exhibited.

In the beginning of the year  Thalassa Museum in Cyprus hosted the event “Theatre in the Museum” and I got the chance to display some of my works.  Later in that year a few works have been displayed during the “Break the Chain Festival – against human trafficking” here in  Technopolis – Greece. And last, but not least the third exhibition took place in the Booze in Athens, under the subject of “Shakespeare – Those scenes we loveth”.

Top three of the photographs that I’ve enjoyed the most in 2016.



Travel / documentary:


But not only photography played a huge role in 2016 for me. I continued to sell many material things in my life, so that I can focus on the real important aspects. Such as family, friends and loved ones. Following a path that is heavily influenced by minimalism made me more focused than ever before and gave me a zen-like feeling, that calmed my mind.

At the beginning of the year I travelled to Cyprus, visited my friends shortly after in Berlin and returned for work to Athens. I’ve spent my holidays on the greek islands AeginaKythnos, Serifos, Milos, Paros and Porros and I even got the chance to work in the beautiful Thessaloniki during summer. At the end of the year I returned after one and a half year back to Beirut for three short, but intense days and continued my journey once more to Berlin, to celebrate Christmas with my family and friends.

I made many new experiences, challenged myself countless times, yet my inner demons gained some strenght.

2016 turned out to the a blast.