2016 – goals

Dear friend,

it’s always good to have some goals in mind, when it comes to the start of a new year. A new reset.

Since I’ve kept myself busy with reading books and seminars on how to manage exhibitions, how to manage yourself and take care of stressful situations, I’ve started to collect some milestones that I want to achieve throughout the year. So that I can see how I progress and how I develop myself and my projects and milestones.

I’ve been always a person that had a lot of material things at his home. Tons of books to read for the future, old nerdy games such as stuff from the Games Workshop franchise, computer and console games, many cameras for photography and so on. Over the years all these things have put a huge burden over my shoulders. Things have to be sorted, maintained and of course they have to be used. It felt like these things owned me instead of vice versa. I literally couldn’t breathe anymore when I stayed at my old room – the stuff that I’ve owned placed a huge weight on my chest.

I started within the last two years of selling huge amounts of my books, games and all that stuff that I don’t need anymore from my former childhood place in Germany. It felt so good. My eyes could finally rest when I stayed at my mom’s place. No books that are being stored only for future reading, no more cloathes that are never be used and so on. It was a constant way of selling things and I can say that I’m almost done with the stuff over there in Germany. Now the milestone that I’ve set to myself is to get rid of all the stuff that I don’t need here in my place in Athens within the next 3 months. It’s a dedicated aim, but I’m eager to achieve it.

For the sake of being able to breathe again.  

Another goal that will be achieved by me is to built myself a little home studio here in my place. A studio were I can learn how to use flashlights, reflectors and how to take portraits of friends, loved ones and family.

For the sake of enjoying photography again.

I also took lessons at a berlin based photographer and I’m trying to learn how to develop 135mm and 6×6 black and white film by myself. I already took the lessons, got the chemicals and I’m ready to go within the next weeks.

For the sake of learning the handcraft.

To become more productive not only with my photography, but also on my blog, I’m trying to post three times a week here. Monday will be random babbling, wednesday will be a blog post on photography itself and friday will be a blog post on photobooks that I own and recommend. I hope that I can keep up the pace and content.

For the sake of sharing love.

I’ll also keep you updated with all these projects here on my blog.

I wish you a stunning, beautiful, peaceful and awesome 2016.