2017 – goals

Dear friend,

I want to continue my work and dedication in photography in 2017, as I did last year.

So far I’m planning to change my existing blog from wordpress.com to wordpress.org. That means that I will host the blog by a different provider, to gain more control over the layout and the themes and the blogging process itself. I’m also planning to present my photographs in a much larger resolution than wordpress.com is offering at the moment.

While I want to improve the overall appearance here on my blog, I also want to establish a webshop on my portfolio www.fallingintoadream.com, so that anyone who is interested will be able to buy prints from my shop.

That goes along with further expanding my portfolio, my blog and my representations on Pinterest and Instagram. I definately have to invest more time in networking, such as with other photographers, print labs and galleries.

One of my biggest challenges will be, to get my photo database in Capture One Pro completely done. So far I still have many photographs from past phototours in Lebanon, Tunisia, and many other wonderful places. I also have to completely scan all of my 35mm negatives – a lot of new and old photographs will be published this year.


Photo by: Vanessa Christodoulou

While I want to continue to work on my documentory style, I also want to challenge myself with more closeup portrait photography – especially with using flashlights. I got into using strobist flashes last year, due to their little size, their budget and great outcome for portraits.

If I find the time, I also want to attend some photo workshops, such as the ones from Phase one – I definately learned a lot from their youtube channel, but it is time to get deeper into the worlds best raw converter.


Photo by: Vanessa Christodoulou

Since I made some wonderful and challenging experiences with exhibitions last year, I want to continue exhibiting my photographs. I can’t wait to collect prints and show them in public.

2017 is going to be a year with many projects, work and challenges. I can’t wait !