2018 – the best is yet to come

Dear friend,

I want to continue the rampage of my comfort zone in 2018.

2017 pushed me definately closer to my limits and I’ve enjoyed this process a lot. It has been travel and photography wise a blast and I’m working hard on myself to continue and become better at both of my passions.

I’m trying as hard as I can to be productive every day. Be it the training in the gym, slimming down my gear and the things I own, or being creative and publishing art. Due to the lack of organisation and a huge lack of energy, I wasn’t able to grow into my full potential and share the art that I’m creating with the world out there so far enough.

The actual last technical item on my to-do list is to fix my analogue scanner. If that monstrous evil technical item will work, I can finally start to scan all of my negatives again and I will be pretty happy with the workflow that I have. Of course, minor adjustments can always be made, but I’m focussing myself on more creative output and primarily on a constant output.

I’m planning on selling some prints of mine throughout the year, so I can cover the maintenance costs of this little website and I want to publish in future some paper products. But more is yet to come and I will definitely disclose some interesting projects here and on social media.

Photography wise I want to put my focus more into portrait photography, street photography and I want to print more then ever. Together with my plans to travel this beautiful country here, Greece, I think 2018 will be a very creative and wonderful year.



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