A christmas walk

Christmas 2012. Usually my parents and me are having a huge christmas dinner at home. This year they took a spa-holiday in Poland and I just came by to gather the gifts and some fresh air and impressions from home.

Stephan, Sana an me had a long walk before christmas eve towards the old, abandoned russian area at our “Grabowsee”.

A christmas walk 1

The lake was still frozen and at the horizon you can see some of the buildings we wanted to reach.

A christmas walk 4

We walked from the parking 30 minutes to an old brigde. Some of you may recognize it from my old postings here. Then we walked for another hour, through the snow, towards the ruins.

A christmas walk 2

In the end, we stopped in front of the abandoned buildings. We were too exhausted and tired. We walked back to the parking, for another endless walk. Later on we had a great christmas dinner and we promised to ourselfs to come back in summertime, for some better photos and portraits.

A christmas walk 3