A sunday in Tyr

Some weeks ago, colleagues of mine and me decided to visit Tyr. Until that day, I’ve never been in the south of Lebanon.

We started in the morning in Achrafieh.

It’s kind of normal to see cable structures like this.

I was driving, so I couldn’t take any photos of the ride. First thing we did is to have a look to the sea. I just saw my shabby Convers and started to shake my head.

You can’t compare the markets from Lebanon with Tunisian markets. I’m missing the flair and the atmosphere. We found a small one next to the port. But I was kind of disappointed. It’s really small, with a lot of cheap ass stuff and not even one little antique store.

Seems like I’m quite spoiled from Tunis.

The only trader that offered some old stuff, was a lonesome man, that stood at the end of the market.

I suddenly felt like the cat. Bored and tired.

We finished our walk through the market and we entered the port and some backyards.

A small port here in Lebanon. Welcome to Tyr.

It was lunch time, and we found a little restaurant in the christian area.

My two colleagues. Maike and Steffen.

Typical decoration for lebanese people.

Of course we took fish. It was really tasty.

A little cat joined us.

She was really beautiful.

Minimal difference in the pose. Love that.

Took that photograph with 50mm 1.4. It was hard to focus, but I’m trying to learn to work manually.

She was hungry, too.

Later, we had a walk at the port. This little dog tried to reach the shore, but this little nutshell was just too far away.

We entered some backyards and hat a look inside some houses.

Back at home I offered my guests some old wine. ’85 from Ebay for a couple of bucks.