A tour at Nahr el Kalb

A couple of weeks ago, Nico and me had a little rough walk at the Nahr el Kalb river. There was a little drain from that river, in which Nicola believed it was a through track.

We prepared ourselves with hiking gear and started to figure out, where that drain came from.

It wasn’t the best weather for a hike. It was grey and really humid.

The start wasn’t the easiest, neither. Sometimes we had to crawl on our asses to advance on the concrete wall.

Next to the river: a casino.

I tried to show the small concrete wall on that photograph. Luckily, I didn’t fell down, while I took the photo.

Later on, the carpet of vegetation became thicker and thicker. I was full of scratches, caused by the thorns of theses bushes.

Yay, a little cataract. The water was icecold.

Take care of your steps !

A school for dogs.

After 2 more hours of walking along that concrete wall, we stopped. It turned out, that this drain went along the mountains. It became more narrow and ended up in some private gardens. We couln’t go any further, so we went through an abandoned construction area and retourned to our car. I was never that much stratched, sweaty and exhausted as this time before. What a usesless hike 😉