A walk in the Medina

It was the evening of the l’Aid festival in Tunis. 2007. Some collegues of mine joined me for dinner in the Medina of Tunis. We had a long walk through the streets.

It was the first time for me to walk at sunset.

Loved the light at that time. Sun went down and gifted us with shadows and contrasts.

We went up the stairs at the carpet shop with the panaramic view. Always nice for a look around Tunis.

I went with my mountain bike always up there, to that hill at the horizon.

After we had seen enough, we started to continue our walk. It was time to get to the most famous “Dar el Jeld”.

We weren’t the only ones, that had a walk. The Medina is always busy. It never sleeps. People walk around, children play there or people just sit around and have a tea.

I definatly lost orientation during our walk. Nowadays I know every little street of the Medina. With my mountain-biking tours – each second day – I had enough time to memorize these streets.

Love that architecture. Here in Lebanon it’s totally different. I miss that charme of Tunis.

The doors are always worth a photo.

Almost there.

Man I miss it. 2007-2008 a friend of us gave nice student parties in the Medina. He lived here. I miss the atmosphere, it’s sounds and smells. It was always a little adventure to go there.

People acutally lived here.

It’s impossible to find such beautyful architecture in Germany.