Another hike

One of our last hiking tours in 2013: Chouf el Souaijani. We started very early in the morning and headed like always to Jal-el-Dib for our pickup with some other hikers and our guide.

Weekly, there are some organized hiking tours here in Lebanon. For a small fee you’ll get a little bus, a day trip and probably sore muscles.

Tim actually slept with his eyes open, while we were driven to the Chouf area.

Another hike 1

While the hike was not that impressing, I took a few photographs of an old waterfall / restaurant area.

Another hike 2

Even in november, it’s to cold for a swim here in Lebanon, but we were really close to jump into this little paradise.

Another hike 3

I imagine this as the perfect place for a sunny day with some thé à la menthe and a well build shisha.

Another hike 4