Another realm

August 2007. I’ve been with Stephan another time to the abandoned place in Friedrichsthal. It was one of the first times, that I used my new Canon 30d camera.

We took, like always, a trip to that area with his car. It pretty much hidden in the woods around the “Grabowsee”. It’s always nice to have a walk there. When the sun spends nice light and the shadows a dark contrast.

This time, I didn’t want to put the focus on the buildings. I was more interested by the interior and it’s mess.

I’ve printed some of these shots – the outcome was fascinating to me. Great quality and a really dark and creepy mood.

I always love creepy areas. Mainstream shopping places or colorful locations are nice, but to have some good shots – you have to go to a certain site like here. When I was a small boy, I used to love and play “Resident Evil” on the playsation one. It always gave me the creeps. When I saw this picture, with the view outside – I was reminded at the place, where you could find the piano notes for Jill. She had a look outside the window – “Just darkness – nothing to see”. It was exactly the same here.

What I never understood is, why people have to tear places down. I mean if you don’t use it – then don’t destroy it. It’s such a wonderful place for taking pictures. There are buildings on this site, with marble floor, colored ceilings and large windows. But now everything’s a mess.

And I always have these nightmares… here are some images of them…

Each time, we exit a building like these before – it’s like you come from another world. Inside you just hear the cracking of the broken glass under your feet. No birds, no sounds – nothing. The wind plays with the doors and you have always the feeling, ob being haunted. It’s pretty creepy, but I always enjoyed it there. You are focused on your senses.

But to be honest – after we exited the building, I always gasped of relief.

One of the few shots, I took at that time of me.

We couldn’t get enough of these places and had a walk inside of our city. I already published a blog entry of a tour of this area under “Island in the city”. It was to us nothing new, so we just had a walk inside a building. It was empty in all but this card lied around.

Two of my all-time favorites of my gallery.