Back from Berlin

The first post in my blog will be about the first holiday, that I had this year. From the 17th of June until the 27th of June, I’ve been at home in Germany.

It was a wonderful time.

I was my friends, my family, i bought alot of stuff (especially clothes) and I started again to take pictures.

At the first weekend, I’ve been to the fleamarket in Berlin-Tiergarten. Beautiful place if you like old stuff. There was a guy from Czech-Republik, who sold stuff that looked steampunkish <3

I had to buy this piece of metal. I couldn’t resist. He made me a good price and after some hours of, I found out, that this piece is a remake of old hood ornaments from cars back in the 60th’s. Beautiful!

It’s now next to my Imac and fits perfectly!

Some stores later, I meet a guy who’s selling each weekend tons of old books. “Photojournalism” from the 60th’s.

“Hey you can have this book for 10 €uros. Ah, come on. I’ll make you a special price for 5 €uros. Take it ! 😀

Monday I went for shopping with my dad to Kurfürstenstraße in Berlin. For me THE place for shopping. I love P&C 😉

But first we had to take a breakfast. Thanks to the turkish guys. They gave us a perfect start into the morning. Tea, bread, butter and tons of stuff to eat.

Next coffee break in the famous KaDeWe. My bag. Loaded with camera, schedule, phone, money, pens, keys and books.

Creamy coffee. Always a reason for a break.

Last coffee for this day. After we finished shopping, we had a quick break in another coffeeshop on the Kuhdamm. I was so wasted but happy. I found all the stuff I need.

On tuesday I went to “Monochrom”. I had to print some of my pictures. After everything was done, dad and me had some indian food next to Monochrom. 5 €uros and a filled stomach.

Berlin Friedrichshain at night. Went out with Katrin and Max. We had something to drink and I took my Rolleiflex with me. Nice mood.

Another night, another bar. Max and a Clubmate(?).

Strange feeling to get a shisha in Berlin, if you live in the Orient!

Lunch with mom and dad. Years ago, I bought wine on Ebay from the 70th’s for a couple of €uros. Turned out, that this wine became liquor!

Phototour with Stefan. An abandoned brigde in Oranienburg. Nice place for portraits.

What is he capturing here?

My Rolleiflex 2,8f.