Back to Bonn

So I’ve been back to Bonn during my last holidays in Germany. I’ve visited Sana, my family, my friends. I’ve spent some time shopping and partying in Berlin and I enjoyed my time here. Due to the fact, that I was overloaded with work here in Lebanon, I was too glad for 3 weeks back home.

Back to Bonn 1

We’ve spent the days walking around in Bonn. Shopping, eating cake and pizzas and we even managed to do some sight-seeing here in Bonn. The “Drachenfels” for instance.

Sana was so kind and did some posing for me. Which version do you prefer? I can’t decide between “arabian princess” and “arabian rap-star”. Or at least this what I see, when I look at these photographs.

Back to Bonn 2

The way to “Drachenfels” felt like sight-seeing from years ago. I couldn’t remember, when I rode a light railway.

Back to Bonn 3

Unfortunately, I didn’t hit the eyes with my 85 1.2f. I’m so dissapointed about the backfocus of my lens. Next holidays I will get this fixed. Still love this photograph.

Back to Bonn 4

Inside the museum, we did some posing for the family portrait album. Nothing too serious.

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Then it began to rain. It felt so depressing. A grey sky and a small boy…

Back to Bonn 6

One of the best dinners we’ve had so far. Last evening for me in Bonn. We’ve visited the “Bonnum“. They served us some extraordinary pasta and wine. Perfect restaurant for a relaxed dinner.

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