Beit Eddine

A place always worth a visit is the manor in Beit Eddine. I’ve been here quite a few times now and it still doesn’t become boring. I like the architecture and landscape in this area of Lebanon.

And I’m still fascinated when I see churches and palm trees. I guess I’m a mediterranean soul inside. Sven accompanied me this time and we had our first break and breakfast in Deir al Quamar.

Beit Eddine16

Since I already took a lot of photos in this village, I waited for the palace in Beit Eddine to come. The weather conditions weren’t the best at my last visit, so I was even more happy to see sunlight coming out this morning.

Beit Eddine15

Part of the main entrance into the palace.

Beit Eddine14

Beit Eddine13

The hamam. I’m a huge fan of hamam, spa and massages, since it’s a perfect way to get rid of the stress that’s part of our lives nowadays, but it’s so rare to find a place like this. Imagine to relax and to enjoy the hot temperatures here.

Beit Eddine12

While cooling down in this room.

Beit Eddine11

Oriental decoration, indirect lights and heavy curtains.

Beit Eddine10

And of course detailed, handcrafted wood.

Beit Eddine9

To enjoy a walk in the garden of the palace, I highly recommend to start the tour from Beirut early in the morning. Many tourists come here around lunch time, so you won’t be able to calm down and enjoy the silence under it’s huge and old trees.

Beit Eddine8

What a beautiful manor and garden.

Beit Eddine7

Sven had to pose, since I was still struggling with my 85mm 1.2f lens.

Beit Eddine6

Photo of the day. I’m sure I’m having a huge back-focus with this lens since focussing manually took me a lot of tries until I captured his eyes without being out of focus.

Beit Eddine5

After another break we headed for the Chouf region to see the well known cedars.

Beit Eddine4

I was not too impressed by this forest and I remembered that I had a tour with colleagues in 2011 here. At that time every single piece of land was covered in snow and it felt like a magical forest to me. It was nice to have a walk here, but the real impressing cedar region is located a bit further into the north.

Beit Eddine3

Beit Eddine2

Finally we had lunch in a restaurant on the opposite site of the palace. We were almost the only guests and they served us a wonderful lebanese meal. I fell in love with this mansion located in a valley next to the palace. It’s definitely a perfect landscape to have a summer residence here.

Beit Eddine1