Berlin Part II

The second holiday this year started for me on the 31th of july.

The plan for me was to go with Mehdi, who has become a good friend of mine here in Tunisia, to the Wacken Metal festival and later on my own back to Berlin.

After we arrived from a long flight in Frankfurt, we took the train to Erfurt, where Thomas picked us up. Then we took his ride to Arnstedt, where we stayed for one night.

It was his welcome party-bbq-evening. Turned out to be pretty nice, but i was totally waisted from a night in Boeuf and the flight. Thats why I didn’t take any pictures at all.

The next day we took his car and went off for Berlin! Since we spend almost the whole day on the road, and I still was so tired of travelling, I went home to my parents and slept.

The famous “Weltzeituhr” at Alexanderplatz. THE place for meeting people, if you’re not from Berlin.

Next day the sightseeing tour started with some beers at the Hackesche Höfe.

It was warm and there was beer.

Next day, next bar.

Gimme’ tha’ goddamm spliff, FELLA!

Ya’ talkin’ 2 me?

Litte walk to “Museumsinsel”.

The jewish memorial in the heart of Berlin. Nice place to touch some art AND history. Love the way you can play with light and shadows there.

Funny how everybody plays “catch me if you can” there. But i prefer places like this, where art isn’t taken too serious.

We had a break, after a long walk besides the Spree and our Bundestag.

Last night in Berlin. We went with Max and Katrin together in some bars in Friedrichshain. Don’t ask me where, I definatly lost orientation.

I loved the light and how calm it was, compared to Tunis.

The ala Menthe. Obligatoire 😉

Wacken was beautiful. Exhausting, but very very beautiful. Since I was too afraid to bring my camera, there aren’t alot of pictures. I will upload them in a seperate posting, when I recieved them from Thomas.

After Wacken I returned on my own to Berlin. Mehdi stayed somewhere in Düsseldorf at his friends place and spend the rest of the holidays with them. I heard he kind of enjoyed Germany 🙂

I used the time to sleep and do all of the shopping, that has to be done.

One day dad and me went to the KaDeWe and before that we had a little break.

I spent alot of days home, becaus I was horribly sick after the festival.

I forced myself to go out and Katrin and me went to another bar. Lucky I took the 50mm f1.4 with me. No flash, because I love availible light shots.

Small beer after a tour with Max and Katrin on my beloved flea-market at the Tiergarten station.

Yes, we were hungry !

Again some days after. Friedrichshain and bars.

We found a place were they served one liter cocktails. The biggest one was mine 🙂

Wow. This was a challenge to finish.

Due to the fact, that the weather was wonderful, I took the chance as often as possible to go out. I love it to have long walks with friends, to talk, to make pictures and for endless hours of philosophy with them.

One day I was hanging around with Stefan, in some kind of place that used to be abandoned. Since there are alot of constructions right now, it turned out, that this place will become something more then an abandoned place full of ruins.

This place reminded me of the Leesburg Outlet Mall in Washington / Maryland, when I used to life in the states.

Endless ways of concrete streets, that seem to lead to nowhere. Stefan and me took a place there and we talked about our aims in photography, about aims for next year, fears and all that stuff.

I still have so much to learn in photography and there are still to many limiting beliefs, that block me out.

I have to work next year even harder than i’ve been working this year on me.

Here’s a shot from my bag. Without it I’d be lost. It contains everything I need. Keys, money, a book to read, my phone and mp3 player and my camera!

I took 2 shots of Stefan. The guy, that always joins me in for a phototour.

Time for a texture.

Next day I had to visit Berlin for work. Yes, even in holidays I had to work :/

Anyway I can’t complain. Katrin joined me for lunch. It was a great asian restaurant.

After the lunch, we had a walk to Hackesche Höfe. I never went often to that place, but since my last two holidays it’s kind of a ritual to me to go there.

Lovly place and we even had some coffee and cake there.

Some days later I had a walk with Stefan in the woods. Lovly place. The fresh air, the smell of leafs and this peacefull atmosphere. I was amazed. Tunis is so noisy, that I really had a shock of this quiet place. It was just to beautiful there.

Unfortunatly this little friend couldn’t enjoy the beauty of nature.

My favorite place in my hometown. The woods.

Uh maybe I should try to print this.


In the evening, Katrin and me met again. Shisha, tea, backgammon and some weird french movies.

On the last saturday of my holidays, Stefan and me had again a walk in the woods. I was so sad to return to Tunis. It was really really hard to go back here again. Especially on the last days of my holiday, I recognize how beautiful home is.