Again in Borj Cedria

Another trip to Borj Cedria. Funny, that almost nobody knows this place. Two friends of mine – Sana and Ameise, joined me for a little tour on sunday morning. I love this place for it’s architecture and it’s concrete.

To me, it’s the perfect background for some closeup portraits. Let’s start with Sana.


Ameise. I love the look in his eyes. Kind of piercing.



It was already 30°C and we had nothing left to do, this sunday morning. I knew a hidden restaurant in the mountains around the “Bougarnine“. I used to bike there with Willie and Thomas.


We talked for an hour. It was very moodish. A cheap ass restaurant, a great view over the Mediterranean Sea and some fresh drinks. I love this place for it’s simpleness. Worth a visit, for everyone who’s passing by.

Another portrait of Ameise, I guess he enjoyed this place too.