Bourj Hammoud

Today I went to the first time to the neighborhood Bourj Hammoud in Beirut. It’s an armenian neighborhood close to downtown.

Bourj Hammoud 1

As always, the traffic seems to become more and more an infarct in this city. 7 kilometers took us half an hour.

Bourj Hammoud 2

The hood itself is not really fancy. Raw, old buildings, a lot of small shops and markets. It’s raw, it’s not clean and it’s colorful. Must see, if you come to Beirut.

Bourj Hammoud 3

People like to show their religion in this city.

Bourj Hammoud 4

One of the endless little greengrocers’s shops. No need to buy that stuff from the supermarket anymore. I’ll take a tour to Bourj Hammoud and buy my stuff in here. It’s more fun and it saves even money.

Bourj Hammoud 5

Around the main road: many abandoned and rotten buildings.

Bourj Hammoud 6

Chaplets are always a good souvenir to bring with.

Bourj Hammoud 7

And again: symbols of their religious beliefs.

Bourj Hammoud 8

Even on the cars. I wonder what this guy sells – if you look closely, you’ll find little hooks attached to this metal pipe at the hood.

Bourj Hammoud 9

Later on we’ve been to this trashy antique store. A colleague of mine bought some gifts for Germany, because he’ll leaves Lebanon for good.

Bourj Hammoud 10

Hookahs, glasses for tea, plates, key rings, lamps, flags…

Bourj Hammoud 11

And sheesha, nargileh, hookahs, waterpipes…

Bourj Hammoud 12

They sell so many things here, it’s hard to focus sometimes. The air is full of fresh and old smells – like this time full of garlic.

Bourj Hammoud 13

And the architecture stands for itself. Electric, television and internet cables, wherever you  look at. I’ll come back soon. I loved it !

Bourj Hammoud 14