A sunday evening in Lebanon. Nicola, Maike and Steffen asked me to join them in Broummana for a walk.

Since I just relaxed this weekend, I accepted and joined Nico for a ride from Beyrouth to Broummana.

Black and white photographs first. After we walked awhile, I captured this shop. I asked myself, what was inside.

The setting reminded me of old italian movies.

It was definitely not as chic, as Beyrouth downtown.

We met Maike and Steffen after a 15 minutes drive.

Since it was sunday, almost all of the shops have been closed.

Back with colour, back to the beginning of our tour.

We drove from M’Tayleb around 15-20 minutes uphill.

The whole area was so green. I was amazed. It reminded me of my time in Washington D.C.

We stopped at a cheap ass coffee place and waited for around 20 minutes for the coffee.

It was past six o’clock, but the sun was almost as bright as midday. I was glad to be the co-driver. So I enjoyed the sunshine and I had enough time to take dozens of photos.

They still use these old busses for public transportation.

Big cedars all over the place. And one thing, that I liked about that town: there was almost now traffic jam. Beyrouth is just crowded all the time. It was actually relaxing to drive here.

Zombie setting? An abandoned little town.

Look at the green.

Nicolas lucky charm.

It’s still strange to me – as atheist – to find all these little widespread shrines. Somehow people must have a strong faith here.

Maike definitely enjoyed the walk.

Time for a self portrait.

I loved the architecture. I’m planning a trip to the provence in France this year. This is how I imagine this place.

Little houses made from raw stone. Green balconies, little coffee places…

We stood at a little flank of a hill and had a stunning view over the valley.

After a couple of minutes rest, we walked back to our cars and passed by an abandoned hotel.

It was about time to take some pictures, huh ?

Beautiful texture.

Later, we found a little graveyard. It was a beautiful and calm place. Many mausoleums.

An orthodox grave.

You could find these little Jesus statues everywhere.

Loved that place.

Steffen looked kind of exhausted. We walked about 2 hours and it was terribly hot.

We rested under an old tree. It was covered with nets from little spiders.

Nevertheless, we also enjoyed our view over the valley from here.

And again, shrines with Maria and someone else.

The electric wiring is also a big issue in this country…

A welcomed rest in an restaurant nearby. We had really nice food, drinks and shisha. It was so good to rest there.

Fresh drinks…

and fresh salad.

And vegetarian pizza.

In the end, it was definitely worth to visit this place. For me, it won’t be the last visit, since we also have to visit Beit Misk there.