2008 i’ve been with Max in Budapest. Until now, I just had the photos on my hard-drive and I never worked on them.

And the rain will kill us all…

The song of our trip. Definatly. Oh god damn. I’m so sad. Budapest is over. What a beautiful city. Very, very close to the Prague tour.
The tour started for me at the 23rd of october. In the night.
I was saying goodbye to my friend Alex here in Tunis. After 11 months of working with me, he had to go back to Germany. We had a couple of drinks and pizza.
After that i had to take 4 hours of short sleep and another collegue of mine drove me to the airport. Still tired I took the plane to Rome.

After 2 hours of flying I finally landed in Rome. I was walked through the whole airport. Lovly stores and sooo many people that tried to catch their planes.
It was almost 11 o’clock, when I catched the plane to Budapest. Just 2 more hours and I will see Max again and start a (hopefully) great trip. This is all I thought about.
After a coke and a sandwhich, I fell into a very deep sleep. Thanks to the weather, that I didn’t wake up, screaming out loud 😀 The landing was soft. Thanks!

Then came the first shocking moment for me. Where was my fucking luggage? It was gone. Great. No sweaters, no shorts and even no socks. Anyway, I took the exit and found Max. Thanks brother for all the time with you.

Due to  the fact, that I lived in Tunisia, I was pretty much happy about the weather in Budapest. 15 degrees and fresh air. No sun, just gray sky. Oh how I missed that. (this is no irony, I really missed rainy-cloudy days).

We bought a ticket for the busses and metros in Budapest and decided NOT to take the taxi. After an one hour ride with the bus and the metro, we arrived at the train-station.
We had to look for our “Beds n roses” hostel in the “Zichy jeno utca”. But lucky we were. With our map and just a few minutes, it was no problem for us to arrive there.
At the front dor, the reception girl placed a nice sticker to tell us, that we should call her.

Done. We took the room. 2 beds, a shower and a mirror. That all we needed. The girl told us in english, where we could find the “A38” club. This was the plan for the night.

Than we started to buy new beer and took the tour to the A38. After a couple of beer and many many meters, I was so astounished by this city. Almost like Prague in this dark and romantic way.
After a long walk, we found the A38. Nice place. great noise-dj. Great atmoshpere and great people.

Yeah. What a moshpit. 2 singers, nice guitars and doublebass en masse. I had so many stage dives. Love for that. I even made a salto while I jumped into the people. I fell so often on the ground, but never hit it hard. I just had the feeling, that the view morphed. I was lying on the ground and saw all ther legs. So long legs. And 3 seconds later my view morphed back to normal. Crasy shit these salto stagedives.
Max and me, we even had a dive togehter. What a moment.
I forgot every shit in life in this moment.

Next morning. Sour throat and hurting muscles . I took a hot shower. Max was too trashed to get up.
So I decided to walk into the city, feel the sun and just wake up again. So I grabbed the map and started to walk towards the inner city.

Hell yeah. Beautiful streets and wonderful architecture.

First thing I’ve done was to visit Mc Donalds for a bicmac and fries and coke. Great to have something warm in the stomach. I walked through beautiful parks, across a synagoge and I even saw a beautiful store with old cameras.
Guess what? I love that city. After 3 or 4 hours, I began to walk back to the hostel. It was afternoon and I had to wake Max up.

We had a walk into the city and we decided to rest in a park. We had a beautiful view over the whole city.

I forgot the name of the place, where we stayed with warm coffee. It was like a large castle. Anyway. The view over the river and the city was so astonishing. Inside we found some nice sculptures, too.

Back with another hot coffee, we decided to stay a bit longer. I loved this place.

Especially, I’m in love with these apartments. I just imagined to live in one like these. Coffee, friends, and a view over the city. Priceless.

It began to get darker within the hour. So I tried to capture the illumination of the castle. Fullview this picture. It’s not as sharp, as it could be, but just try to image the beauty of this city.

Since I also love the bokeh, here we go with some (for many people boring) shots with bokeh :O

I just love it. Perfect for photomanipulation. Or just to stare at it.

For our evening program, we went to the Blue Hell. One of the bands were the Bloodsucking Zombies.
We took a couple of drinks and the tube to the club. It was freezing 14 degrees, dark and I could see my breath. Love for that!

We saw a girl, that looked quite alternative and followed her.Maybe she could show us the way, where the Blue Hell was located.
We steped out into the darkness. Goddammit. Beautiful. Lightspots, urban buildings and a dark church. And then this cold atmopshere. LOVE.
We found the club. But due to the night before, our motivation was not that big to step inside. One block around, we found a park with a bank. For 2 hours, we just talked about stuff. Beautiful mood.
At eleven, we went inside. Nice psychobilly style, but I wasnt in the mood to start dancing. So we went to the merchandise shop and I bought a shirt from “Sara blackwood”. Don’t know her, but it looked awesome. And the guy, who sold me the shirt, was from Vienna!
“Jetz machts aber a bissl hin, i moag den song hörn”
Michel: “Ja seits ihr aus Wien?”
“Joa wien und umland”.
Haha funny guys.
Then the last band started. With a cute psychobilly punk girl. Nice voice too. But after a couple of songs, we decided to park us at the couches. No mood for dancing and moshpits. Found one with 2 guys, sleeping on it. Wow, they were wrecked!
So we went to our hostel.
Nice evening. Good music and atmosphere, but we were to tired to dance. And I have to admit, that psychobilly isn’t my music. So we took a cab home and fell asleep. Finally!

The last day was quite short. We had brakefast, a walk into the city and later a trip to the airport. I just found a nice tag, that had to be captured.