Sunday morning in Beirut. Where to go, if you have visitors? The suq in Sin-El-Fil. It’s always the best choice to show a raw and unique place here in Beirut. You can see the masses of people walking around, you can buy tons of nuts, herbs, spices and old clothes and you get the chance to see the animal market which is located right after the fly-over in that area.

Contrasts 1

Almost everything is being sold here. Old photographs, decoration stuff, tasers, knuckle-dusters and plastic crap from China.

Contrasts 2

Random books.

Contrasts 3

It’s always crowded here.

Contrasts 4

Need a pair of shoes? You’ll find them here.

Contrasts 5

The grim part of the market. People are selling cages with almost dead animals here.

Contrasts 6

Why do people let something like this happen? Their cages are full of excrements, vomit and pure filth.

Contrasts 7

Contrasts 8

Sometimes you can’t judge, wether an animal is dead or close to it.

Contrasts 9

This little fella seemed to be a strong one. But with my job and working times, it’ll be impossible to give it a good life at home. Cute little cat.

Contrasts 10

Roar. Get me out of here.

Contrasts 11

Goodbye little cat.

Contrasts 12

35 degrees of water and people are keeping some fish inside.

Contrasts 13

Skinny cats. We all felt so sad, when we saw this cage.

Contrasts 14

With a fat fuck sitting in front of this cage, I just asked myself: Why? Why do they have to treat them like that?

Contrasts 15

Contrasts 16

We left the animal market and exited the suq. This guy was selling herbs and spices for a really good price. He had everything from rice, to noodles, to curcuma and safran.

Contrasts 17

After the market, we went to the “Stay-bridge Suits” hotel in Hamra. Tim was beeing posted here for about three months and he chose this hotel for it’s awesome pool and location downtown.

Contrasts 18

Contrasts 19

I was amazed by the view we had from here.

Contrasts 20

This is how I imagined Beirut.

Contrasts 21

Contrasts 22

Contrasts 23

Tim to the right and me to the left. Manu was so kind and portrayed us here.

Contrasts 25

While he tried to portray him, without falling from the 23rd floor.

Contrasts 26