Discovering Beyrouth

A trip on a saturday morning into downtown of Beyrouth. I had nothing else to do, so I joined my colleagues.

We had a tasty Fallafel near the ABC-Mall and I saw a young boy cleaning up some dirty shoes.

After eating, we walked deeper into Beyrouth. I had a look for some antique stores. I found one and maybe I’ll buy some stuff there. Photos will come soon…

I think Beyrouth has a lot of potential. It is at the same time hard for strangers, to figure out where to go. For art, for clubbing, for underground scenes. It’s easy to be stuck on the Gemayze-road or in the Suqs. We’ll see if I find some nice places, that offer art, music and metal concerts.

At least I found some nice stencils.

Time for posing. Maike. The wife of my colleague Steffen.

Steffen. Don’t know why he was smiling that big.

That is actually, how I know him. Just kidding.

I had a coffee later. Forgot the place, but I remember, that it was a good one.

A little market full of animals near Sufis garden. Poor fellas. I wish I could buy them freedom.

Who the fuck is so sick and paints animals?