Tunisia has a lot of beautiful places to offer. One of them is Dougga.

An excavation-site from the roman empire. Amazing ruins combined with a wonderful landscape.

Saturday morning in Tunisia.

The main building was enormous.

It was surrounded by a roman village.

I was stunned by the details.

Our guide told us, that underneath these hills archeologists assume, that a whole roman city is buried.

People that live around here, just don’t want to sell their ground, because they can sell olives from their olive trees. Thats why it’s still buried.

Time for posing.

Just try to imagine, what else lies buried here. Really sad. That is pure history.

At some moment, the sky turned grey.

I love these latin engravings.

It’s even nice how free you can walk around, on this excavation site. In Germany, people would never let you climb the walls or the buildings. It’s just impossible.

Besides that, it would be THAT place for a paintball match. 😉

I recall, that these buildings are 1500 years old?

The entrance to the sauna area.

The tiles are beautiful. A real eye catcher.

Aside from the main excavation site, we walked to a abandoned tomb. I can’t recall, who was buried here, but I really like the architecture.