Dear friend,

are you also unable to sleep ?

Well, sometimes it hits all of us. Sometimes we can sleep, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we have nightmares and sometimes we dream the most stunning, abstract and beautiful things.

For quite a while now I’m having this recurring dream.

It’s placed in my hometown. In a part the doesn’t exist in this way. I’m wandering around backyards and streets that look so peacefull, that I’m trying to figure out where this place is located. I even know that I’m dreaming.

It’s a long alley with the typical houses and apartments on each side. Hidden under a roof of trees. Hidden under the shade from the sun. Sometimes I even drive with my bicycle around these streets. Sometimes I just walk and enjoy the deserted streets. But most of the time I’m trying to realise where this place, this peacefull heaven, is located. The closer I get to realise that this is not real, the more likely I’m going to wake up.

Sometimes it’s another street with a restaurant on the corner. It’s an empty restaurant / bar. Flickering light but such a peacefull atmosphere – impossible to describe through words.

Sometimes it’s a walk next to a canal that is overgrown by plants and trees. But it always ends at a lake which I won’t be able to cross. It ends at a destroyed bridge. I can see it’s ruins, but I can’t get across it.

What is my subconsciosness trying to tell me?

What am I looking for?

Will I realise more details, when I’m visiting this peacefull place again?

I’ll let you know.