EDC – Every day carry. What’s in my bag ?


I love being inspired by other people’s gear and stuff they use for their photography (inspired by Japan Camera Hunter).

Here’s mine:

  • Shoulder bag
  • three little notebooks (one schedule, one for photo
    assignments (inspired by Ted Forbes) and another one for
    sketches, rough ideas and scribbling
  • a business card holder + business cards
  • different films (at the moment i’m using TRX, and Ilford)
  • lens pen
  • marker to write and number my films
  • knife
  • since I’ve gone fully analoge I’ve got a handheld light meter
  • smartphone + charger + headphones

And of course the most important – the cameras (I actually only carry one with me, but for the sake of gear love I’ve photographed them all)

  • – Contax T2
  • – Hasselblad + 100mm lens
  •  Canon F1