El Houaria

One of THE places, I’ve ever wanted to visit was El Houaria. A friend of mine told us, that an old ship wreck can be found at the shore. We took a trip in 2011 there and I was totally stunned from the beauty of the landscape of this place.

We hiked a couple of miles from the parking towards the shore. The view was priceless. I have to post now 4 photos, that one of my colleagues took, because I was actually too concentrated on climbing and swimming to the wreck.

The water was ice cold, but I really wanted to climb around, on the wreck. I took my air mattress and began to swim.

Uwe was so kind and took a picture. It was so unreal to walk around this ship wreck. Inside, you completely felt like in another world. Next time, I’ll bring some snoring equipment and my own camera. Perfect location for photographs.

If you find the white spot, that is me đŸ˜€