Nadine was so kind and invited us again to her place in Faraya. It’s a little apartment up in the mountains, and the perfect place for a weekend trip into the snow.

With a bottle of rum with us, we joined her in her place. It was cold as ice outside and a snowstorm hit the village in the evening.

We chilled in her place for a while. Her brother, Freddy, a geek of the game “Risiko”, started a round with us. Somehow we all lost against him.

At least I thought, that I was well prepared.

It has been such a long time, since I played this game. It’s a nice one, for long evenings. Better to play this one, instead of hanging on Facebook or TV.

Lebanese beer.

I recall, that we just played 30 minutes. Freddy just rushed through our armies and countries.

Everyone brought some food. Potatoes, salad, beers, bread.

I just loved her chimney. It was so nice to sit around it.

Maike prepare some salad.

In the evening, Tobi, Steffen and me had a walk from her place to the “Igloo-Restaurant”. It was so dry and an ice-storm hit us. Hail came from above and we walked in the storm for an hour uphill. But in the end it was the best decision.  The restaurant/bar was totally empty, and we talked at the bar with some nice drinks. I really enjoyed this atmosphere.

The morning after was nice, aswell. Sunshine, cold temperatures and snow.

Almost everyone got here by SUV.

The others just got stuck.

Beautiful landscape.

Welcome to Faraya.

There is always a polished surface…

9 am.

It was the first time for me, to see masses of snow like this. Amazing.

Huge machines freed the streets from the snow.

That is Faraya. Won’t be the last time for me here.

Lucky I was, that I brought my goggle. I knew that it could be used in the bright snow.

After a long walk, I had a rest in the snow. God it was nice to play with it. Perfect weekend.