Favelas in Beirut

Let’s have a walk in the suburbs of Beirut.

Favelas in Beirut 1

Nicola and me went on a walk to a district behind the ABC mall in Achrafieh. Don’t ask me, how it’s called. I got totally lost.

Favelas in Beirut 2

We started with a coffee and fresh orange juice. Charming little district. Even if it looked like a poor area, all the people have been so nice to us.

Favelas in Beirut 3

Obviously, it was a christian area.

Favelas in Beirut 4

It had dozens of little shops and little markets with fresh fruits and good coffee.

Favelas in Beirut 5

And lots of cats.

Favelas in Beirut 6

Due to the fact, that Beirut is quiet mountained, the districed was nerved with huge stairs. If anyone ever wants to make an urban downhill race: come here.

Favelas in Beirut 7

It’s amazing, that you’ll find here even in the most shabby building some official organisations and offices. Lebanese association of univiersity women. I’d like to see that place from inside.

Favelas in Beirut 16

A view over the city, go get an impression of that district.

Favelas in Beirut 15

People seem to have a strong faith here. You can find everywhere religious symbols. Trust me. Everywhere.

Favelas in Beirut 14

Even here, they built some little shrines with pictures of what they believe in.

Favelas in Beirut 13

But I had the heavy feeling to be in a Favela in Rio. Humidity was at least 90 percent with 35 degrees of celsius. After 10 meters of walking, you started to become totally exhausted and sweaty. I was glad, that these little shops offered us fresh pressed orange juice. The best gift of the day.

Favelas in Beirut 12

We continued our walk, down to the parking lot. Perfect tour for a biking trip, I guess.

Favelas in Beirut 11

I want one.

Favelas in Beirut 10

This is a good example, of how you can imagine the whole district here. Dozens of cars in little streets, balconies, antennas and cables and stairs full of cats.

Favelas in Beirut 9

Favelas in Beirut 8