First Cemetery of Athens

Whenever you visit the beautiful city of Athens, don’t miss the chance to see the First Cemetery of Athens. It’s not only Athens oldest cemetery, but also the most beautiful and luxurious cemetery I’ve ever visited. 

Since I always wanted to see the famous tomb of the german archeologist Heinrich Schliemann here in Athens, I also took the chance to photograph some interesting details here in the cemetery, with my last two shots on my roll of film.


I will post more of this cemetery here on my blog, I took many more photographs with my 35mm camera from the cemetery and the tomb of Heinrich Schliemann, but these photographs are yet to be scanned and processed.

It’s a very calming and beautiful place to visit, even on a hot and sunny summerday. You can see tombs and graves that are decorated with beautiful statues, such as angels, historic figures and deceased family members.

All in all it’s a place to have a walk in, to think about life and death and yet to enjoy the beauty of the architecture itself.