Before I moved in 2007 to Tunis, my parents went with me for a day on the weekend to Potsdam. We visited an old area – it was the Landesgartenschau area. One Euro entre fee and a whole area full of flowers and plants.

Expect nothing special from this entry. I was still stuck in this eye-candy photography. I didn’t do any experiments and or special things. I just photographed flowers.

I think it was may. Summer was already here.

Nice area and definatly worth another visit. It was calm and not to much crowded with people.

Many of the photos were too bright. I didn’t figure out, that the camera automatically overexposed. Nowadays I check all the settings twice, before I shoot.

Love this one.

Would be nice as big prints on a white wall. I guess.

Reminds me of good old days in Brandenburg.

I don’t know, why the background was tourquois. But I love the palette of the colours.