A phototour with Sven and Manuel to an abandoned russian area in Friedrichsthal. A little village next to my hometown. We took my car and had a walk. I can remember, that it was spring, but still cold with a fresh breeze. It’s an old area of the russian army, with around 40 ruins / buildings. Kind of creepy area, if you don’t like to be alone in the woods. First we took a walk around these old buildings, later we entered the mainhall.

Sven wasnt to happy, while I captured him.

Furtunatly sun came out and enlightened the area. It’s in the middle of the woods, next to an icecold lake.

Nowadays I woulnd’t shoot more than a couple of photos there. It would just be too boring. But we captured this place like hell.

Sadly, most of the buildings are completly destroyed and raided.

Look! A little bug <3

Inside, it’s a nice play with shadows, light and contrast. But in the end, just another dead place.

The view from behind.

Somebody burnt that church down. It’s ecactly riverside. Beautiful against the sun. Love that shot.

Inside it was a mess. Ashed, and tanks for the gas(?).

Of course, we had to capture this.

A total mess.

I found also two photographs from Sven. He captured me from behind, while I took a photo of the main building.

And another one, from inside the church.