God. It’s been a while since i worked on these pictures…
I was on a tour with Stephan in december 2008 and I saw those frozen flowers… I was amazed by their beauty!
I love winter. Cold air, snow, frozen breath, long walks in the dark forests *sigh*

It’s part of the russian area, where I already posted tons of pictures. It’s a nice forest around our “Grabowsee”. In summer we used to have BBQ’s there. In winter, it’s dead and icecold.

I did not take any photos of the ruins. I’ve already had enough of them. We walked along the lakeside and enjoyed the beauty of nature. I read alot of at that time. Great site, if you are interested in the technical aspect of photography. I tried to put my focus on landscape and nature at that time.

Still, I’m in love with textures, and the dark aspect of photography. You can – if you have a close look – capture so wonderful and deep photographs. I always think of stories like “Alice in wonderland”, “Resident Evil”, “Underworld” etc. It’s a way to imagine places like in a movie and capture them with the camera.

As soon as I’ve finished to work on my gallery in general, I’ll start to manipulate some portraits with these textures. Can’t wait to see the results.

I love the blurred bokeh.

My favorite from that day.

I was stunned by the red light, that day. I recall that it was icecold. Minus 8 degrees. We took the car and arrived around midday in “Friedrichsthal”.

Imagine this place with no sounds.

Stephan shot that day a roll of film with 400ASA.

I want to go there again. It’s such a beautiful place.

Black and white. Tried to get more serious.

One test shot with my Rolleiflex 2.8F. 400ISO. I don’t like the outcome. I prefer this camera for portraits and street.

Black is my heart. Black. So black…


Everything seemed to be dead in this place. Beautiful place to clear the mind. Had a walk with a friend of mine and saw this dead tree. Beautiful.


Took that shot with my 100mm macro lens. I’m stunned by the result. I think that I have to admit, that I like eye-candy photos.