Grannies birthday

In may this year, my granny made a family birthday party. I flew to Berlin, picked up my parents and we went to that little hotel in the middle of nowhere.

We arrived at lunch time.

My dad.

Time to choose. I was relieved to choose some German food. It was a good choice, after months of lebanese food.

Almost everybody started with white wine.

The daughter of one of my cousins.

I had KiBa. Cherry banana.

The birthday child. My granny.

We had soup as starters.

Later on fish with potatoes, tons of vegetables, and…

… desserts !

Dad an my uncle had some long discussions.

In the end, dad was reasonable.

The boyfriend of one of my others cousins.

In the end, I stayed most of the time at the buffet. I’m not such a big talker, though. I spend my time watching my family and enjoying the food. It was a good party, and next time, more photos will definitely come.