Last weekend I had my second hiking-trip here in Lebanon. It was again a guided tour by Chris. We started ealry at 7.30 in the morning. My collegues and me + some other hikers in that bus. Sounds like fun !

I slept the whole time. Thats why I can’t remember where we actually hiked. Anyway. It was a beautiful landscape.

Lebanon 10 am.

I loved this place. Calm, green and fresh air.

Perfect spot for downhill.

Look at that landscape. It was so good, to leave Beyrouth and all of it’s concrete and traffic jam.

We had a break here.


And earth. šŸ˜‰

Our guid told us a story about these buildings here, but I was still too tired. I didn’t listen. Instead of, I just took some photographs.

It was the perfect light.

Could be Scottland to, huh ?

We went on. We took a trip into the valley.

Lucky I was, that I bought my hiking boots. The last times, I walked with converse…

One of our guys tried to cross the river by feet. He failed. šŸ˜‰

A donkey :O

We went on and crossed abandoned buildings. Some goats and palm trees. Nothing else.

Time to get up. Since pure hiking is far too boring for me, I was excited. That is stuff I like. On the other side, I just saw the perfect mountain to climb. Next time !

We went deeper into the brush-wood.

Somehow, there have been some old pipes. Maybe water, or just a thick ADSL-cable crossing the woods.

I had to take some photos of Maike’s boots.

And mine.

Since I’m a total geek, I was reminded of Tomb Raider. This is how I imagine some adventure stuff. Dust, dirt, plants and mud.

Deep in the bushes, there were even some stairs.

They let us to an old Maya-temple. Unfortunatly not. Just deeper into the bushes.

Damn I was glad to have these boots.

After we left the brush-wood, we entered a nice forest.

Again, old and broken pipes.

Another beautiful valley.

Clouds came, and it became fresh. Still I enjoyed the whole time of the trip.

We had a little break here and just enjoyed the view over the valley.

Back again into the deep forest. Next time I just want to cross the valley. There was a small river I want to cross. Hopefully I find someone who joins me.

The last picture. Beginners mistake: I just brought one CF card for my camera. Happened to me just once … But I’m pretty sure, that this wasn’t the last hiking-tour for me.