I feel it

I always have been influenced by movies from Hollywood. Not only towards photography, storytelling, but also towards life. I know, that this isn’t the best way to play with imagination, but I always enjoyed this atmosphere. When I lived in the States in 2006, I could taste a bit of the american way of life. Somehow I liked it, but I haven’t had the feeling, that I have missed something in my life.

In 2008 I had holidays in my hometown. I was desperate to find places, that fit into this kind of feeling. Backyard basketball places, like in the movies, for example.

I always had this picture in my mind. 2 guys, stuck in pure boredom. Stuck in their hometown. Music like the Deftones or Slipknot always inspired me, to gather such pieces in my mind.

Later, that evening, we had a walk in my hometown. It was quiet as hell. No cars, no birds, no people that walked around. It was a warm summer night. I loved the light sooooo much. It really reminded me of the “Leesburg Outlet Fashion Mall” in Virginia.