Im Tierpark

During my last quick visit in Germany, I went with friends in Bonn to the Tierpark. It’s been years that I went to see some animals in a park. It was a funny afternoon in Bonn. Sun was shining and we were watching warthogs.

Im Tierpark 1

Oink oink. The little ones were awesome. They were crawling through the mud for some acorns, which we collected for them.

Im Tierpark 2

Fidschi and Phil. Nice fellas !

Im Tierpark 3

A massive ox. This fella was so nice. Really calm and relaxed animal. We touched his head and he just watched us. His breath was incredibly warm. As city slicker, it was stunning to me how massive this ox was. Pure muscles !

Im Tierpark 4

Some us canons, some Iphones. It’s never about the technique, just about the skill.

Im Tierpark 5

Nice haircut, bro.

Im Tierpark 6

Sana and Fidschi. Time for posing in the Tierpark.

Im Tierpark 7

I guess some of us didn’t take it that serious, huh?

Im Tierpark 8

Others, did. Beautiful portrait of Sana.

Im Tierpark 9

We had a long walk. Nice landscape, I just saw downhill trails 😉 And somewhere we even found deers hiding camouflaged in the leaves.

Im Tierpark 10

Poor fella. I think he was sick.

Im Tierpark 11

Light and weather conditions were perfect. Everything was illuminated in this golden light.

Im Tierpark 12

After the Tierpark, we went for a Pizza. I loved that place. Somewhere off the city, next to the highway. Reminded me of my time in the US. Loved that place so much.

Fidschi seems to be an awesome model to me. Very stylisch.

Im Tierpark 13

Perfect one.

Im Tierpark 14

Phil. Laughin’ hard or face palm?

Im Tierpark 15