In the desert again

It’s been a while, that I worked on these pictures. Luckily I found Aperture as program, thats works with me. It has the perfect workflow and it’s a good tool to work fast on your photos. I still have to get used to an effective workflow on this blog. It still needs a lot of improvement.

This tour took place in 2010. I planned to have a trip into the Sahara, starting from Tunis to the colosseum in Dougga.

I was amazed by this archeological site.

Outside, the suqs. I didn’t have a walk there, because we were actually short on time. We still had to drive on that day into the desert.

It was a good start for the long way to the south. We had coffee here and enjoyed the morning in Dougga. It was actually the first and the last time for me here at the Colosseum.

The front.

We rented two cars for our tour. Nissan X-trail. We started in Tunis and ended up in Camp “Zmela” south of Douz.

The first night, we stayed in the cave hotel in Matmata. The architecture made it possible to sleep at night without air condition.

We started early in the morning. The whole place was crowded by 4×4’s.

Everybody just wanted to storm the desert.

It took us almost the whole day, to reach Camp “Zmela”.

Everywhere, where you looked at: sand.

Posing for the family album.

My colleagues.


The sand was unreal soft.

I brought a huge box of sand for my friends in Germany. I hope they liked it.

The sky was blue, the sand soft and the whole place was without any noise.

The photographer.

My colleagues started to enjoy some cool beers in the desert.

I walked for a couple of minutes around. It is my favorite place on this planet.

After a long break in the sand, we started again.

It was fun, to see which of our cars were better as ride for the Sahara.

Never leave the place without a scarf.

Right in the middle of nowhere: A coffee place. They made strong turkish coffee.

Thomas was a real good driver.

We saw actual real wild camels. They were so chilled and relaxed.

Time for posing.

After we arrived in the late evening, there was not much time for a rest. We changed our clothes and went inside one of the only two buildings in Camp Zmela. Dinner was already prepared.

Imagine an 8 hour trip into the sand. No sounds at all. Sun all day long. Then you’ll enter that soft lightened place, with some pillows on the ground, cool drinks and some amazing tunisian food.

They started with a soup. Everybody was talking really quited, while we were sitting in that place. I loved this atmosphere.

They even made us a shisha, outside in the sand.

Our tents. I shared one with Thomas. The covers were made of camel hair. It was perfect for the cold night.

Open the “door” and your feet will feel the sand of the Sahara.

Good morning. And yes, you snored.

Camp Zmela around 7 o’clock in the morning. The sun arose.

This was our tent.

After a strong coffee and a good breakfast, we packed our stuff and the sun shined already in this beautiful golden colour.

The owners told me, that they are almost all the time booked out. There are so many foreigners, that come even more than once to this place.

At the horizon, you can see a huge oasis.

For that day, we booked a tour with quads. We haded out of Camp Zmela, through the oasis and directly to an old ruin in the middle of nowhere.

It was a bit foggy, unfortunately.

I really love the desert. I really do. It’s the most beautiful and calming place on earth.

And even here are some people driving with their jeeps around.

Dunno where they headed.

One of the smaller buggies. I recommend to take a quad instead of a ride like this one. A quad has more power and will be easier to handle in the dunes.

Some rocks of the fortifications.

Thomas, posing.

In the late afternoon, we took some camels and made a 4 hour walk with them through the dunes around the camp. I loved it. It was so relaxing to sit in a camel. What beautiful animals. They are really from the desert. Relaxed and they have the perfect walk for the slope of the dunes.

Mine one tried to throw me off. It didn’t work out. Hehe.

Me posing for the family album. The way of wearing the scarf like the berbers really helped agains the sand.

Of course there was cold beer.

Thomas almost became a berber.

I guess everybody, not only him, enjoyed the desert feeling.

I had to pose on our car, on our way back. It was a wonderful trip. Thanks a lot Sahara !