Indiana Jones

Did I say explicitly, that I’m a total geek? If not, then here: I’m a freeking geek. My collegue came up with that crazy idea to visit some film locations in Tunisia. Since he is actually a real film geek, he started to talk about Star Wars, Indiana Jones, The Englisch Patient ect.

Since I just had a conncetion with the hero of my youth, Indiana Jones, I was totally in.

Our plan was to print some of the scenes from the movie and then to compare them with the location in real. My collegue saved the most interesting places with GPS and gave us a nice tour through Kairouan.

I don’t want to imagine, what kind of work that was. To walk through the city with the hope of finding a place, that fits the movies. I really enjoyed his work and I hope that at least some of my followers are going to like it.

One of the fighting scenes from “Raiders of the lost arc”.

Directly in the oposite: the tower. I was really stunned to compare the scenes from the movie with the place in real.

A closeup.

When I stood there, I actually coulnd’t believe that years ago Mr. Lucas filmed one of his  best movies here.

Months later I took a trip to Matmata. There is that restaurant with some props from a Star Wars movie. Unfortunately, I didn’t listen to all the details of the movies, locations and stuff… sad, but for the next time (my plan is to go this year to France, the geek loves to see the movie locations from the “Ninth Gate”), I’ll be better prepared.

The best way to be prepared: watch the movie. I didn’t to it at that time, due to a lack of time. That’s why I couldn’t remember perfectly all the scenes and details. But fortunately, we printed the most important scenes. Price: 5 dollars.

And there is always time for a still life.

Kairouan has a lot to offer. It’s a nice, old city in the middle of Tunisia.

A typicall alley in Kairouan.

As far, as I can remember, that was another scene from the movie “Raiders of the lost arc”.

Let’s go for the next one.

We walked for quite a long time and I was surprised how incoherent the scenes must have been filmed. It’s not like in the movies, that the scenes fit to the locations. It must be a pain in the ass to film and to cut a movie. Different locations, streets, houses and places have to fit in the film. Like a puzzle in 3d.

These two images from above and below belong together. It’s a chase by Indiana for the girl. In real, these two streets don’t exist. For themselves, they do. But in two different corners of the city.

Another of these beautiful doors.

We went back and I took another closeup. The archway was less crowded and I could take a beautiful photograph of it.

Corners, hours and walks later. More archways, more scenes. Without beeing a film geek, I guess this most be hell of a boring story.

I would have been taking more photographs, but at that time, I wasn’t well preprared…

After the couple of shots, my camera just stopped to work. The battery wasn’t recharged at all. Beginners mistake I guess.

Last one from that day. I am really hungry for another tour like this one. Let’s hope, that France can offer some nice places.