Island in the city

2005 was the year of taking photos for me. I just finished  the army and I had enough time and mood to see the abandoned places in my hometown again.

The place: the old abandoned oil factory in the middle of my hometown.

Max joined me. Exa 1b and a backpack full of films.

This place was even more empty, than all the other ruins here. I think, it’s because of it’s central position. You can reach it so easily.

Debris. This place was covered in broken things.

I used to like this picture a lot.

The vent was the only machine, that wasn’t broken here. At least it looked like not being broken.

We studied this map. This whole place had a train moving machine. You could turn trains into different directions. Maybe it belonged to our train station, or to the pharmacy enterprise next to this area.

Colourful things were spilled. I was taking care, not to touch these things. Chemicals? But what kind of ?

The control-panel for the train station.

Here you can see the circle, where the trains could be turned into other directions.

Nature. Next to industry and ruins. Loved that view.

Max. Very concentrated.

Stuff burned here. Iron blast furnace slag. And skeletons of cars. Stuff must have been a hell of a fire.

Behind that place, we found barrels full of stuff. I bet, that it’s not health.

Toxic waste.

We entered this building. Other people had some photoshots at this area and we didn’t want to be seen and or get caught.


I remember, that we hid in a very dark corner. They passed by and didn’t see us.

And everywhere was oil…

The backside of this location. I remember, that I took photos of these towers. A police car passed by and saw me. I just walk here and saw a policeman, that walked between the buildings and towers. He was looking for us, while we took these photos here. Later on, he caught the others and not us.

When I exited this area with max, we walked by the policeman in the car. I just started to smile like a dumb. He got the others and not us. Actually the police officer started to laugh, aswell.

I think the others just got a sending-off.

Speaking of which…

Lovely place. Metal veins that penetrate nature.

A picture that has a strong meaning for me. When I was a teenager, i had a time, where I just listened to slipknot. There was nothing more than hate and anger in me. When i brougth the “slipkot” album i saw the 9 band members in front of oil towers I had the wish to find such a location in my life to make photos of it. And I found one in the middle of my hometown. A deserted area full of oil and abandoned buildings.

My favorite and edited shot from that day.