Jebel Ressas

This weekend, we went on a tour to a mountain en route to Hammameth. It’s called Jebel Ressas. Round 800 meters high. It was a sunny saturday morning. Richard joined me in. We parked my car at the dig site.

That was the way, we had to go up.

After one hour of climbing, we arrive a kind of a cave. I was stunned.

What a beautiful place. So pieceful and calm. We took some pictures and decided to go into the caverns.

Time for posing.

Little closeup, to get a comparison of the size of the cave.

I felt like in Tomb Raider. This is the place, I dreamed of, when I was a little boy. A place of adventure and danger.

You see my collegue Richard?

Amazing site.


Almost on top.

We took a rest here. It was pretty exhausting. I just had my converse on, which was a total desaster. Next week in Berlin I’m going to buy some real shoes for climbing.

Richard was wasted.

Look at this fool.

Back of the Jebel. What a stunning view.

Some old mines.

Very impressive.