Kerameikos – a heaven for street photography

If you love traveling and street photography like me and if you are in or around Athens, the metropol of Greece, don’t miss the chance to visit Keramikos.

It’s a variegated area northwest of the Acropolis and can be reached on foot within a few minutes from there. Choose a sunny day (as this area can look quite grim under a grey sky) and if you’re as lucky as me, the sun will enlighten all these little alleys and backyards with their colorful street-art and sceneries for you.

Many people will directly make a run for the Acropolis, which I understand, since it’s THE monument here in Greece. But trust me, this place will be overrun with selfie-stick holding tourists. Masses of tourists, at any season. Same goes for it’s neighboring areas such as Psiri (they have unbelivable good cakes) and Monastiraki.

Take a long walk to Keramikos instead, you won’t believe it’s variety and calmness.

Some chinese retailers have their warehouses here – as in anywhere in the world !?- and Vanessa and me took the chance to sneak into one of them.It seems as if someone stores mannequins here for some reason. Creepy as hell if you ask me. Bladerunner meets C3PO meets the real world.


In between – posing with Vanessa.


A closeup from of one these strange figures.

If your pictures aren’t good enough, you aren’t close enough” – Robert Capa.


After warehouse-sneaking-horror a more familiar sight – market dealers, fresh fruits and tons of colours.


Soon we found more of these strange mannequins. Escaping them seems to be impossible.


Exiting Keramikos and entering the area around Omonia square. The crowdy, loud meat market. If you are a vegan – don’t even consider to go there. It will haunt you for the rest of your days. Dead animals hanging from the ceilings, blood pourred across the streets and a very unique smell.

But hey – it’s worth going there for the experience and some raw photographs.


And at the end of the day you will encounter one of these endless scenes here in Athens.

Many homeless people in need and who try to make a living on the street. Such a sad scenery. Many street photographers won’t photograph these people and situations and I’ve contemplated quite a while about it. As sad as it is – it’s part of our metropolitan life.

It needs to be documentated for the sake of history and – yes – art, too.