Korbus. Another trip on a sunny weekend with collegues. We decided to go to the thermal sources in Korbus. Richard wanted to have some closeup portraits. ‘Ere we go.

You noticed the difference between the pictures? I love to play with these details.

He was pretty certain, to get some shots were he looks cool 😀


Wow. She looks really really slim.

Tea for me. God I love to have a tea. It really helps me relaxing. I just sat there, in the sun. I watched the ocean, drank the tea and thought about nothing. Invaluable.

Later, we had a walk down the city. It was so calm. It seemed, that everybody was gone. Almost creepy.

Turqoise. Nice colour. Fits in as contrast to the white walls.

All the streets have been full of blood. It was the day after the L’aid celebration. This was blood from a butchered mutton.

I love this architecture.

We had a long walk next to the ocean.

My big love: bokeh. I can stare at photos like these for hours. <3

At the end of our tour, we reached an old abandoned hotelruin. It was build for 4 years (I’m not that sure anymore), but it was never finished. We went inside and looked into the ocean.

Just one shot without human silhoutettes.

Love this one.

5pm. We’ve been pretty exhausted and tired. But the sunset was amazing.