February 2007. I felt, that it was time to improve my skills with the camera. Point and shoot is easy – long-time exposure, too? I recall, that it was a parent-free weekend. I just staye home and played video games at that time. Exhausted by my exams, there was actually nothing left, that I wanted to concentrate on.

But when a friend of mine passed by – I just felt like it was time to have a walk. It was a cool night. Fresh but we weren’t freezing our asses off.

I took my tripod and we went to the backyards of our train station. Unfortunatly, less trains came in, then expected. I just took some photos of the scenery and then we went towards the highway.

We stayed on a brigde, that is placed over the highway. I think, that this was an exposure of at least 12 minutes.

The second shot was even longer. I was glad for the remote. It would’ve been impossible to take a photo like this, with the finger on the camera. Sometimes equipment buys off.

Another section of the highway. I don’t want to know, what people might have thought, when they saw 2 guys in the darkness with tripod and camera…

Just a few, but I was kind of please with a result like this.