2 weeks ago a collegue of mine went on a phototour throughout Tunis with me.

People looted the city and we decided to start at my place. Equiped with cameras, phones and alot of time, we planned to document the current situation.

Even in front of my apartment, military troops were stationed.

We arrived at one house from one of the presidential family. It was already looted. But I HAD to go inside. I HAD to take some photos. It’s the house, thats around the corner, next to Cafe Journal.

Inside, there was just destruction.

Seems to be a living room.

The dining room?

The way upstairs was difficult. Everywhere was plastic, mud and garbage.

Second floor looked even worse than the first. The looters took everything. Even the beds from the bedroom. All hail to justice !

But at the same time, I was suprised. I expected the Trabelsi kitchen a little bit larger.

Thats, ok for tunesian circumstances, a little bit tiny.

Guys, you did a great job.

I even ran into a french team of journalists. Everybody tried to get the best photos for their stories.

Thats a small bathroom.

I had a quick look out of the window. I saw a burned car.

And the pool.


That was the black Lincoln, you could run across at. But seems, that the family saved their other 4 Humvees.

No more plashing in the pool.

Back to my place. En route we passed by La Marsa. Wow. That was a big tank. I stopped and asked the soldiers, if I could take some photos for my family album. It worked out.

When I arrived, friends joined me. They were to scared because of all the riots and gunfire, that was going on. Miriam was so kind to cook for us. What a yummi meal, even without meat. We had a nice evening and thankfully no riots and lootings arrived in Berges du Lac.