Makeup session

A friend of Mehdi, her name is Meriem, works as a makup freelancer. Mehdi asked me, if I would take some photos of her work. Since I had nothing to do, I nodded and started to work. It all began with a glass of wine.

The first vicitim was Mehdi himself. Her plan was, to make him look bloody and cutted.

All of her equipment looked very professional. (At least to me).

After a couple of minutes, Meriem finished the first layer on his face.

Common dude. Don’t look too pissed :’D

The mistress herself. All in black, she was quite difficult to capture.

Love her pose. Looks, like she’s drawing a picture.

And yes. He wasn’t too pleased! It’s hard to be non-moving all the time, while someone is tickeling your face with a brush.

But he lasted for some seconds.

Meriem was very very concentrated.

Ooops. Not all the time. Blooddrops on the wrong side of his face. For god sake, just fake blood.

First layer of fakeblood. I was impressed by the effect. Nice work !

A closeup will follow for all the details of the massacre.

Love the big cut over his eyebrows.

And I like it, to have minimal changes in their facial expressions, when I take photos of people.

Time for posing. Let’s be angry.

C’mon tiger.

Meriem put an old razorblade into his wounds. Nice detail.

Another closeup.

Unfortunatly, Halloween is still sooooo far away. Would be THE disguise for a party.

My favorite closeup of this session.

You see the difference?

Some stilllifes of her equipment.

At the end, it was me, who became scarified

A skinny chest with a huge and deep scar. “Mom! I fell this morning on my chest!”

“It was a deep cut. And the doctors had to stitch it!”

“And it hurts!”

A little closeup of her scar. Big respect for her skills. She just worked like 30 minutes on the first and second layers and it looked awesome !

The last step was to stitch the wound. I just jawdropped by the result.

Great work !

Behind the scenes. Postproduction on my Imac.