2007. I moved here to Tunisia. My parents visitied me and we had a tour into the Medina. I love that place. It’s nice for walks and phototours. There is one special shop, which I really really love, because it’s full of antique stuff. I love to look at these things.

Theres a nice hidden place, where you have a great view over the suqs.

People are actually living here.

I took this shot when I was walking through the suq. I sat in a small cafe and i had a couple of tea, when this old man told me, he can show me a hidden shop with stairs, where I can overview the whole city. After a long walk through the whole medina we suddenly reached a carpet shop. I went upstairs and I could see something, which not everybody could see.

Same day and locations as the one above. I was really impressed to see the hidden poverty. In the medina you really have no clue how it looks behind the scenes…