My first developed film

I’ve been taking photographs since 13 years now.

I found out only by chance that I love to take photos of people, landscapes and especially that I love to document life and moments that I experience. I always felt the need to create something. Whether it would be art like drawing pictures or doing some kind of sports like skateboarding or playing basketball. But I’ve never felt fully satisfied or inspired by doing these activities.

During 11th grade, I went on a short trip  with my english class to London. There I took with me a very old Olympus point-and-shoot camera, to take some photographs.

After I received them from development, I was quite stunned by the opportunity that this little plastic camera gave me to capture moments, that otherwise would be lost in time.

Needless to say that these photographs weren’t the best ones that I’ve ever taken, but I enjoyed the process of producing something in a creative way. After that trip I started to take more photos with that camera – especially on my breaks in school when I got heavily bored – and I loved to look at these little footsteps, that I’ve taken.


Soon I wanted more and I got myself my very first “professional” camera. The Sony DSC F717. At the same time I discovered the website and registered myself there. Over the first few years and after hundreds of photographs taken, I enjoyed the process of learning about the essential things that you need to know in photography.

But at the same time, all of these wonderful and gifted artists made me feel like I am not talented at all.


Still I’m not considering myself as a talented photographer, or talented artist. But I enjoy the process of taking photographs, working on them, blogging and recently printing these photographs.


It has become a process where I became more and more focused about the moment of creating, than a few years ago. Working on me as a person, traveling, meeting new people and expecially minimalising my material way of living has helped a lot.


After I wanted to gain more control of the process of taking photographs I changed to the Canon 30d and a few months later I got myself the Canon 5d that I used until this year.

It has become a working horse for me and I love the design, the handling and its haptics. I shot most of my photographs with this camera.


But over the last two years I felt that I have become exhausted by documenting my daily / travel – life. I used the camera more than a machine than a creative tool.


When I lived in Tunis I found an old Rolleiflex 2.8f in the oriental markets. From time to time I tried to experiment with this camera and analogue photography. I bought some expired films and was unable to cope with the fully manually way that analogue photography has to offer.


I just got into photography with an fully automatic camera and I had to learn what it means to measure light, to expose right and even how to load film.

I wasn’t fully aware of these experiments, retrospectilvy it was more like a development of further skills and expanding my way of learning things.


December last year I used my four weeks of holidays in Berlin to contact a photographer and to learn how to develop black and white film by my own.


These two hours with Simon have been very informative and I enjoyed the slow process of mixing chemicals and feeling the final product. It is a way of using my hands and crafting something, that I haven’t felt since the time I used to draw with chalk and crayons.

I decided to shoot a film of Rollei Retro 400 iso in my apartment, so that no important photographs would be possibly harmed or destroyed, if I wouldn’t be succesful developing my very first own roll of film.


All of these photos come from that very first developing session of mine. It was such an awesome and stunning feeling, after all these years of shooting only digital photographs.

To create something that had a physical form felt very satisfying.

One of my huge goals was to get deeper into analogue photography in 2016 and I took many photographs with my Hasselblad and Leica M6 and since last month with my Contax T2.


I will definately continue to work more with analogue colour and black and white film and one of my aim is to completly understand and master the process of taking a photograph, developing the photo and even put the final result into a frame with a passepartout.

It’s still a long road and a lot to learn, but I can’t wait for it.

In that sence – thanks to the gods for this opportunity.