Nar Ibrahim

Two years ago I’ve visited the Nar Ibrahim river in north of Jounieh, with my colleague Nicola. Since another colleague – Olaf – an me were looking for a place to hike like crazy, we decided to start early in the morning, so that we avoid traffic and other people hiking at the Nar Ibrahim. We actually only wanted to get really exhausted by a long and arduous hiking tour, due to the fact that our work contains too much stress these days.

After a 30 minutes ride from Beirut to the river, we climbed a small path down from the parking in a village called Yahchouche and face a little “restaurant” in the middle of nowhere. People seem to have bbq’s here in summer nights.

Nar Ibrahim 1

After a coffee we continued our tour riverside and face a little barrage.

Nar Ibrahim 2

The location reminded me of “The Last of us“. Perfect zombie apocalypse setting. But our way further was blocked. We had to get around the barrage, but it was embedded into the mountains with heavy terrain.

Nar Ibrahim 3

Olaf tried to keep his feet dry.

Nar Ibrahim 4

He had to scramble uphill to reach a small road and we faced a tunnel. I thought we might pass it, to climb down on the other side, so that we could pass the barrage.

Nar Ibrahim 5

But the gate was sealed and we only got to have a look on the maintenance station on the other side. Time to return to our parking, to climb down from another side. That was a frustrating feeling.

Nar Ibrahim 6

But we were rewarded with a stunning view over the valley and the Nar Ibrahim.

Nar Ibrahim 7

We climbed one more time down, hiked riverside for almost an hour and crossed the river.

Nar Ibrahim 8

We found a small place for a rest, but it seemend as if too many other hikers had the same idea. After a while we returned on another trail and we had to cross the river barefeet and scrambled trough heavy terrain in the lowest crouching position possible. We got scratched, sweaty, tired and dusty, but it was worth it.

Nar Ibrahim 9

And after a painful return to the parking – that took us almost two hours, we found a little restaurant, that served us good lebanese local food.

Nar Ibrahim 22 1


We enjoyed our stay here and calmed down for a while and decided to climb up that mountain on our next free weekend.

Nar Ibrahim 22 2