New Year’s Eve

New Years Eve 2009/2010. It was an icecold winter. I had again holidays in my hometown and it was the last night for me in Berlin. Since New Year’s Eve 2008/09 was pretty boring to me – clubbing wasn’t the best choice – Stephan joined me on a ride to Berlin. The plan was to see Max. I just wanted to capture some photographs of the night, combined with a walk. I arrived around 8 o’clock at Stephan’s house.

Afte some planning, we took the train to Berlin. It was already full of people. Stephan brought his Praktica.

2 photogeeks. Our runningag: “Friends of photography“.

50mm. Pure haptics.

It wasn’t the best decision either, to wear Converse at around minus 10 degrees.

Beautiful piece of technique. I love her look.

I randomly started to shot around.

Stephan quickly finished his first roll. Preferred film: Kodak 400iso bw.

Film is the best !

I love the look and feel of the old cameras. Not a plastic toy like my Canon 5d.

With Max I just randomly walked around. It was nice – but nothing special. Here I captured the owner of a small pub. Did someone really ordered just tea?

I had to pee. It was a good decision to keep my Coke icecold in the snow.

Midnight. Finally the fireworkds began.

I bet she called someone, she loved.

It was the first time for me, to capture New Year’ Eve. Expect nothing special. I just took a handfull of photos. I actually just shivered too much.

A couple lighted some candles for a candle balloon.

Go for love !

On the next day I just organised my stuff. I had to prepare everything for my flight back to Tunis. I recall, that I had no motivation at all. But it was good to be back at home.