One of the last days

Long time no see, huh?

This blog-entry will be about my last weekend in Tunisia.  We often had tours at the weekend, from Hammameth to Tozeur to Nefta to Jebel Ressas and whatever. I really enjoyed all of these trips. If you like to travel in Tunisia, you have to know the country and the people. Otherwise you a) won’t find these beautiful places, or b) you are going to be ripped of.

So at my last weekend, we went to places i’ve been often. We had a new collegue and he’ve never seen the cemetries of Tunisia. So we started with the french one in La Soukra.

Sunday morning, 10 am. 36 degrees.



Calm place, definatly worth a visit.



These french soldiers died in the French-Tunisian-Algerian war, if I remember right.


A view over Sidi Bou Said.


After the french cemetry, we went to Borj Cedria. I love that place. It’s so calm and nice. Our new collegue hasn’t been here, so he had to come with us. Since we’ve been now in august, the grapes have been ready to ripe.

I always had this dream, to have a little house, somewhere where it’s really calm. All the walls of the house should be then full of grapes. When we exited the cemetry, I found the “hallway” full of grapes. And with the light and the cool breeze, I just felt a little vision of how it should be in the house of my dreams.


Since the concrete of the cemetry is perfect for portraits, I just had to take some shots of my collegues. Matze. Don’t look so serious man 😉


Rainer. You’ talkin’ to me? Huh? 😛


Later, we had a tour through Tunis. I know a small place, where they repair mountain-bikes. But the city was so empty.

It was hard to find people.

So when I was back at my hotel room, I wasted my time with reading blogs and books. I started the Shadowrun-line. Part one: Never deal with a dragon. Nice one. Chummer.

Always in my bag: A book, my ipohne, earphones, keys, money and my schedule.

The place, I really enjoyed some good coffeys and shisha. Forgot the name. But it was in Sidi Bou Said. Lovly place.